DIVERSITY OF GENDER: How to deal with it – A guide to respectful social interaction

This activity aims to inform students about the diversity of gender. By doing this activity, students learn to deal with the tool Taskcards, to interact with one another and to reflect on their own behaviour. Gender inclusive language can be discussed and compared (English and German), experiences can be shared, and knowledge can be tested. The tool contains definitions of the most important terms and provides additional information to reflect upon. The activity includes information from Germany and New Zealand, as it was created during an exchange program between the two countries but it is not limited to those two. Overall, this activity is made to read, speak, discuss, and write about the diversity of gender and what else is included in this topic.

This material was created during a virtual exchange project with students from Auckland (New Zealand). For more information on the project see: VELLA23

Autor:innen der Unterichtsidee:
Belinda Muntschik & Boyao Wen

Betreuer:in an der Universität Leipzig:
Projektteam VELLA: https://www.philol.uni-leipzig.de/institut-fuer-anglistik/forschung/virtual-exchange-ve