DIVERSITY: Has multiculturalism failed? – A comparative approach between Germany and New Zealand

Students will develop a critical understanding of migration and multiculturalism in Germany and New Zealand

Students are able to identify New Zealand as a country of multiculturalism by analyzing a video of different New Zealanders and a quote from an article
Students develop critical thinking about New Zealand’s representation of migrants by analyzing a video from the immigration center of New Zealand and comparing it critically to an immigration statistic
Students become familiar with the terms migration, immigration and emigration by matching pictures
Students can identify problems and causes of racism by choosing relevant points from a text
Students become aware of cultural differences in German cities and rural areas by analyzing a German song and a sticker from Leipzig
Students are motivated to engage with the topic of multiculturalism by listening to and reflecting on a German song

Song “Wittenberg ist nicht Paris” by Kraftklub; deals with the issue of racism in Germany in rural areas vs. more liberal cities, attitude toward racism
“Die Partei” sticker; deals with the issue of racism in Germany in rural areas vs. cities
Article about root causes of racism to find possible explanations for racist beliefs
Pictures and definition, as well as questions to understand the topic of migration and multiculturalism
Video of immigration center of New Zealand and statistic graph to encourage critical thinking about representations of migration
Video about multiculturalism in New Zealand to get an insight about how different ethnic groups can live and benefit from each other
Article about multiculturalism to critically think about the success of multiculturalism in New Zealand and Germany

This material was created during a virtual exchange project with students from Auckland (New Zealand). For more information on the project see: VELLA23

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Corinna Schüller

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