SEXUAL DIVERSITY: Achievements and challenges across two countries

Two multicultural Scavenger Hunts through Leipzig and Auckland for 11thgraders that include places where people actively advocate for LGBTQI+ rights, made queer history, and support the community now. They focus on achievements that were made in Leipzig and Auckland but also show the challenges people of the LGBTQI+ community have to face across the two countries. The Scavenger Hunts embark on a journey through the cities, visiting various locations that highlight the diverse aspects of sexual diversity. The hunt in Leipzig includes stops at a well-known square, businesses that support sexual diversity, and an official city contact point. The hunt in Auckland includes stops at an infamous road, a Café, and a Rugby Club. Participants will engage in interactive activities to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by sexual minority groups and the importance of fostering inclusivity. The tasks expand the students’ knowledge about multicultural sexual diversity and include researching and writing tasks as well as questions and surveys.

This material was created during a virtual exchange project with students from Auckland (New Zealand). For more information on the project see: VELLA23

Autor:innen der Unterichtsidee:
Lena Zimmermann & Jiayi Cao

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Projektteam VELLA: