MULTICULTURALISM: An issue all over the world? – Comparing Germany and New Zealand

This OER deals with the topic of multiculturalism and immigration in the context of cultural diversity using Germany and New Zealand as examples. Students are provided with information about multiculturalism in both countries. Furthermore, there is a selected city in each country (Leipzig and Auckland) with material and pictures of the public space. At the end of each part, the newly acquired knowledge is tested through questions. The lesson is an introductory lesson and should prepare students to discuss their understanding and observations about cultural diversity by working with guiding questions on the padlet.

This material was created during a virtual exchange project with students from Auckland (New Zealand). For more information on the project see: VELLA23

Autor:innen der Unterichtsidee:
Rebekka Danke & Xinran Yang

Betreuer:in an der Universität Leipzig:
Projektteam VELLA: