LGBTQ+: Diversity around the World: Differences between Ludwigsburg and Auckland

The material is a multi-media interactive activity about the topic of LGBT+ diversity in Ludwigsburg and Auckland. It is created with the online-tool genially and includes multiple different media tools. Six different tasks, 3 in German and 3 in English, as well as knowledge input through various channel will expand the 10th graders skills and knowledge of LGBT+ diversity around the world. The interactive activity includes diverse language skills to foster the acquaintance with the foreign language. Adjusted at the students, the multi-media interactive activity knots at their interests and stimulates cosmopolitanism and broad-mindedness towards diversity.

This material was created during a virtual exchange project with students from Auckland (New Zealand). For more information on the project see: VELLA23

Autor:innen der Unterichtsidee:
Samira M. Benz

Betreuer:in an der Universität Leipzig: